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About Robin
I have strong opinions, each well-founded in fact and reason, but, of late, I have chosen—and one should always have the right to choose—not to participate. I ignore news and world events in favor of good spirits, an occasional fine cigar, vigorous exercise, and the healthiest of foods.

I have authored several books both non-fiction and fiction. My most enjoyable hours are those spent creating worlds and people, making the players dance to my music, breaking the heart of one only to elevate another to Olympian heights. Whiskey fuels my imagination in the evening; caffeine propels my creativity at the keyboard the following day at dawn. Aurora musis amica.

Though each is unique, people can be categorized by profession and organization of personal life. I don't fit popular pigeon holes. I'm a starving artist-entrepreneur-rogue-desk jockey. To know me, read my work. I'm clothed in the skin of every character, man and woman, elder and child, and some of the animals, too.

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