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Lovers' Tarot
1957. Sasha Kidman is abandoned on her 16th birthday in the worst way. Her mother, Eve, dies. Her father, a man she never knew, is long gone and she has no other family. Her only guidance, her mother's diary, an account of love and sensuality, is stolen by a mysterious man in a black coat, someone her mother depended on for money. He takes Eve's body, too, promising to "make all the arrangements," but never returns. Alone in an apartment in New York, Sasha runs south, propelled by the advice of the Tarot Cards on which Eve depended and which will be her lifelong counsel. Sasha follows the memory of Eve's words and life, pursuing sensual pleasure, and surviving moments of horror. The people she meets, those she cares for and care for her, the friendships she makes, disappointments that haunt, all swirl around her, but always she is driven by the quest to find the man in the black coat, discover her mother's grave, and retrieve the diary.

Lovers' Tarot is a moving, sometimes erotic tale of Sasha's ten-year journey from clumsy adolescence to dynamic womanhood.

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