The writings and musings of Robin D. Ader
The Messiah Condition
Zack Connely, half Jewish, half Irish-Catholic, doesn't subscribe to religion. He's an academic, a professor of ancient documents, a paleographer, and an agnostic at best. But when he discovers cryptic markings in the margin of an old book of poetry, his compulsion to find the meaning behind those scratchings leads him on a course to a head-on collision with the Mossad, and the larger religious establishment in the US. He finds the Treatise easily enough, but getting it out of a top secret facility in Jerusalem, and then deciphered is where his challenge begins. More importantly, will anyone listen and abide by its 2,000 year old message?

The Messiah Condition is not messianic, and does not put any religion above the rest. But the unifying message kept secret for two millennia is nothing less than miraculous.

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