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Writer's Block is not my problem. Writer's Logjam is. With too many ideas and not enough time to work them, I'm a squirrel hiding nuts. I often pound out a few thousand words of an idea, create a folder, store the file, then forget to go back.

Working Title: Nutritional Leverage
My current project, to be available in both print and eBook by mid-summer, is a health and weight-loss guide. It chronicles my health regimen initiated in October, 2012, that reduced my girth from 42" to 36" (107cm to 91cm), lowered my blood pressure from 130/94 to 110/70, and pumps me up to bicycle on the streets of Palm Beach County, FL more than 26 miles (42 km), 5 to 6 days a week at an average speed above 15mph. It's not for everybody, only those want to lose weight, get healthy, and stay young. If you're looking to live and love longer, you will want to read what I have to share.

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